​We take great pleasure showcasing our style and philosophy on professional Long Hair Care & Styling at LHS.

We understand that everyone has a goal for their hair as an expression of who they are.​ Our goal is to help you on that

journey with honesty & our professional

ability to have your hair be the absolute best it can be.

We demand the best quality in our products.

Hair colour from ITALY

Organic, aloe vera based shampoo & conditioner, and styling products.

 Hair safe brushes & combs from Europe.

My Story



My father was a true professional Artist, drawing, painting, the whole thing.  My mother was also very artistic. She enjoyed sketching & pastels, so I was doomed to follow the artistic path! My passions include art, hair, and photography. Yeah,AWESOME!!!

All images photographed by© J.Butchée 2016

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